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Put river and delta on [[land mass #1]], named it the Perfume River

Put mountains on [[land mass #3]]

The First Born – a golden dragon, living in mountains on [[land mass #3]]

Extended river, made Lake Pon, made river delta tropical

More mountains, tropical NW of mountains on [[land mass #3]

Jungle to SE of [[Land mass #1] (around delta)

A being of light (named Moll of Atlantis) – who created “Atlantean” humanish race in delta on [[land mass #1]], neutral aligned

Made single (BIG) mountain on [[land mass #2]], called it “Hope

Made avatar – a female elf (named Athyns) – and the race of elves (good), west of mountain range on [[land mass #3]].

More mountains on [[land mass #3]] (a true continental divide)

Atlantans build city (called Moll) in delta area, they become advanced in magic

Created race at Mount Hope, the Dis (evil), and put small desert around mountain

Made area on [[land mass #3]] east of mountains temperate and rainy

The Seductive Evil a being that is fair to look on, fair to hear – who taught the Atlanteans forbidden magic (corrupting them to evil)

First Born creates race of dragons (neutral), sect of elves become dragon worshippers (The Scaled Order), puts tundra on north part of [[land mass #2]] Makes class of Atlanteans – the Sun Born who lead and purify the race (back to neutral), the Atlanteans advance to become masters of psionics, but limited to the Sunborn sect.

Made city (named Brass) at foot of Mount Hope

Temperate rainy area becomes a forest (rainforest)

Makes southern edge of [[Land mass #2]] tropical

Makes river and delta on mass #3, NW of continental divide, puts in jungle around river

Atlanteans advance in commerce, temperate band goes around the jungle delta and city of Moll

Dis civilization advances in warfare

Commands avatar to influence elves to expand across central sea (the Sea of Twilight), made a Aldar River on [[land mass #3]]

Creates Obsidian Order within the Atlantean civilization, dedicated to the preservation and expansion of necromantic arts

Puts mountains halfway around Lake Pon.

Commands city of Brass to raise an army

Mount Hope erupts on the eve of the City of Brass’s moment of triumph, the pyroclastic flow destroys Brass and the people scatter, creates city of elves (Albian) on south coast of [[land mass #2]].

Adds more desert to mass [[land mass #2]] near Mt Hope

First Born creates city of Cristal in mountains (location A on mass #3), and finishes surrounding Lake Pon with mountains Atlanteans advance in sailing, Moll of Atlantis makes a city on mass #3 in river delta, Zoey the Beautiful Creates 2 cities on mass #2, named Requiem and Dirge, and makes a temperate zone Mt. Hope caldera fills with water and small river (Brass River) flows from it, founds new city (Aldar) for elves on mass #3, Avatar of Evil founds City of Gray Skies on Lake Pon, a city of refugees (the dead) Makes Silverbark Wood (with ancient silverbark trees) in middle of island #1 Purifies the Atlanteans and establishes 2 cities, on mass #2 – named Eclipse and Solstice Makes subrace of the Dis, the Eaters (presumably also evil) Tropical rainforest established on south end of mass #2 Region around Lake Pon takes on arctic climate Puts series of jagged islands south of mass #1 – the Fang Isles Puts islands into inland sea – the Molldives, as well as spread race around the Sea of Twilight Makes subrace of the Eaters – called the Hungry (presumably also evil) Puts mountains in middle of island 2 and west to the sea Obsidian Order withdraws from the cities of the Atlanteans, City of Gray Skies advances in the art of healing Shapes land – and defines coastline of mass #1 Atlanteans develop a magical floating city

Remaining points Pass Pass Created a cove with islands surrounded by mountains on M1 Added mountains & forest to M1 Commands Scaled Order to build City of Dragons (a wonder) in the depths of the forest; Creates Cove of Brass on M2; Clarifies tundra in North of M2 Commands Atlanteans to share knowledge of magic, etc. with other races; Command City of Mol to create space elevator; Atlanteans spread to areas on M1 and M3 Elves discover engineering Creates subrace of Hungry called the Humans at the ancient site of the City of Brass Creates avatar known as “The Sleeper” Creates avatar – an underwater dragon dwelling in the big cove on the west of Mass 1, avatar makes race of seafaring half-elves (neutral) Avatar advances elves in the art of sexualty and creates the Order of the Small Death to serve as divine prostitutes Scaled Order begins to breed with dragons creating the “subrace” of the Dragonborn Create Order of the Mythos of the Outer Darkness – an evil order spurring off of the Sunborn Elves discover Architecture Command humans to create city: Bronze (atop ruins of Brass) Pass Avatar founds city (J) on mass 1, of the half-elves, named Twilight Crown (because when the sun sets it looks like it sets in a crown of the surrounding mountains) made forests and jungles on mass 1 Pass Order of Mythos of Outer Darkness creates gates in each of the Atlantean libraries Avatar raises army of elves on Mass 2 Pass Pass Avatar creates order of holy priests to protect Twilight Crown (devoted to underwater dragon), called Twilight Order Pass Made massive coniferous forest spanning width of mass 2, north of Brass (taiga) and makes the taiga band sub-arctic, made huge bay into mass 1 Catastrophe – gods of the Outer Darkness are nastier than they thought in Atlantean arrogance, tsunami rushes through Molldavean Sea, wiping out Atlantean cities Elven army loots and pillages reeling Atlanteans, overruns city of Solstice, take over the top spot in the art of instruction People of Dis explore city of Zoe, trip something up, transforms city and surroundings into glass, Humans go into city of Moll Pass until after Dave Commands Twilight City to create school for seafaring and raises a fleet Outer god makes appearance at Atlantean library on mass 2 (in the taiga) causing its destruction and leaving a massive crater and treefall The First Born gathers army to conquer flying City of Crystal from Atlanteans and take it over Avatar and Atlanteans spread knowledge throughout the world in hidden caches Pass Magic goes away, replaced by life essence of caster to power it, arcane, psionic, and divine arts become harder to perform and much more costly, these arts enter a dark age, caused by The Sleeper (who also symbolizes renewal and balance)

Creates goblins (mass 1), orcs (mass 2), and kobolds (mass 3), all evil The Sleeper (now known as the Scales of Balance) creates an order made up of all races, devoted to creating balance in the world (neutral in outlook) Half-elves plunder Atlantean colonies for secrets of seafaring, creates 2 more fleets Seductive Evil spawns race in own image (Halflings – evil on landmass 1), City of Gray Skies spawn subrace of Atlanteans – the free-willed undead, corrupts race (undead to evil) First Born’s offsprint on crystal city cannot maintain it, it crashes into sea – First Born and followers become race of aboleths (evil) Avatar commands uncorrupted Sunborn to hibernate, small groups go into long sleep to awaken to disseminate knowledge periodically after the dark age is over Elven army retreats from Solstice, leaves behind a subrace of “Gold” elves, elves advance in SCIENCE!, builds a wonder in Eldar – the Great Library of Eldar (mass 3) Creates order with Dis, The GodKillers (evil) Commands order to raise an army, avatar raises army, Sunborn in hibernation become corrupt (to neutral) as their souls slowly decay Creates avatar – a giant kraken, who then creates race of merpeople (good) advanced in weaponsmithing, creates coral reef along west coast of [[Land mass #1], merpeople raise armies – half elves raise armies and create city ([[Dawn’s Glory]]), [[half-elves]] advance in literature Gold elves contact evil outer gods via library’s gates and are corrupted to evil, take new name Drow, Dwarves are created in depths of earth (neutral) and go on quest for sky to reach the surface Aboleths establish city of the Throat in Fang Isles, create race of Sahaugin Hibernating Sunborn are purified (back to good but retain air of superiority), creates order who establishes New Atlantis (city) Avatar creates army in Aldar, army heads back to Solstice to take care of Drow (and elvish civil war begins), elves advance in music

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